• Spring is in the Air

  • A Festive New Year’s Eve

  • Holiday Time

    ‘Tis the season for parties! Whether you're planning a traditional holiday open house, an office party, cocktail party or casual celebration with family and friends, I have some great ideas for you!
  • Thankful for Fall

  • The Pumpkins Are Coming!

  • No Helium? No Problem!

    Awesome Ideas for Money Saving Air-Filled Balloons.
  • 12” Latex Balloons - Fun While They Last!

  • How to Easily Open, Fluff and Hang the Perfect Pom for Your Next Party!

    Poms don’t have to be a pain to fluff and hang. At Pom Joy Fun our goal is not only to make your party pretty, but we want to make it easy too. So here are our easy to follow instructions on how to fluff and hang the perfect pom.
  • Christina Aguilera decorates party using Pom Joy Fun

    Wow! It’s been an exciting time here at PomJoyFun. This week multiple Grammy winning singer Christina Aguilera, also known as “Xtina”, recently celebrated her 36th birthday with a blowout pink and silver party.
    She chose to feature 5 jumbo silver fringe piñatas from PomJoyFun as the center attraction. The piñatas were hung from a pulley system above the stage.

    In this video you can see Christina’s fiancé Matt Rutler bashing one of the piñatas revealing toys, gifts and beautiful confetti, other guests at the party included Keeping up with the Kardashians’ Kylie Jenner, The Real Housewives’ Bethenny Frankel and Erika Jayne! You too can have Christina’s look.

    Here Erika Jane, real Housewife of Beverly Hills, performs on stage in front of one of the 5 pinatas!

    These fantastic piñatas are available in sizes from 10 to 24 inches in gold, silver, rose gold, or purple. I can also make you a custom multi-color piñata. These pinatas come as a regular piñata to bash with the stick as they did at Christina’s party or if you would prefer, I can make these in a pull-string version. You simply pull on the string and the bottom of the piñata falls out! When filled with confetti it rains down in a snow-like effect. Thank you Christina for choosing PomJoyFun as your party partner!
  • Not any party decor...YOUR custom party decor!

    Hi I'm Kim the Glitter Queen. Like many of you I am a mom and I host all sorts of parties....lots of parties! I started throwing and decorating parties waaay before my little one was born, but once I had her it got serious! I needed to have the best party..the most creative and fun parties..but I couldn't find decor in the colors and styles I needed. So, a company was born - Pom Joy Fun.

    Here at Pom Joy Fun I started with birthday party decor and people were so happy with my work I had to add staff to keep up with demand. With the addition of a bunch of happy crafters I have since branched out to offer decor for gender reveal parties, bachelorette parties, Christmas and New Years parties, graduation parties, executive and company party decor, baby showers, retirement parties, weddings, mother's day celebrations and more. With the expansion of the business we naturally added more color options and choices! We can make many items in over 80 colors and we have pounds and pounds of glitter, loads of confetti, sets of cutting machines, computers, the finest scissors in every size and shape, spools of ribbon and rustic twine, colorful tape, dozens of glue guns, pounds of glue and loads boxes and bags for shipping! Whew! That's a lot. But these tools and raw materials are what allow us to make not just any party decor, but your custom party decor!

    So if you are looking for something special and want to make your party truly custom, I'm here for you. Send me an email I will work with you to bring your party to life. We've got the tools and supplies and are ready and waiting to make make your next party something that would make Martha Stewart drool!

    -The Glitter Queen